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It’s back! Assemble Sidekicks, future heroes!

14 Jun 2019

Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, once quoted, “People said the age of heroes would never come again,” but ClinkIT Solutions is here to prove her wrong.

sidekicks program

After two successful runs, ClinkIT Solutions is kicking off the Sidekicks program once again to recruit future superheroes whose ambition is to become formidable junior software developers.

How the Sidekicks program came to be

The idea behind the Sidekicks program was conceived in 2017 when the heroes of ClinkIT were inspired to help hone the craft of young prospects with IT or Computer Science backgrounds.

They wanted to not only share their knowledge but also to find strength in numbers.

By polishing the skills of incoming sidekicks, ClinkIT would be able to form full-fledged superheroes who could better serve others.

Gains of a sidekick

Naturally, the journey as a sidekick is no easy feat. It involves going through cycles of training for three main functions – Sales, Project Management, and Development.

Although it takes adaptability, sharp thinking, and hard work to get through the program, at the end of the day, the advantages are clear.

ClinkIT Solutions only wants to bring out the best in each hero and help them find their destiny. Because every sidekick that undergoes the program is exposed to three different functions, they have the opportunity to explore which field best suits their skills.

Through this experience, a sidekick is not limited to a single path, and can, therefore, discover their passion that could help ClinkIT thrive even more.

Furthermore, ClinkIT Solutions is not short on veteran superheroes with years of experience and pools of knowledge under their belts.

With their guidance, each sidekick would surely be able to refine their current skillset, as well as add new things to their arsenal.

They would also have the chance to create strong relationships with these veterans that could benefit them in the long run, and ask questions that have been long unanswered.

Taking the shot

There are certainly more strong points to become a sidekick, but ultimately the best way to reap these benefits is to take the leap of faith and join the program.

It will still be a long way to reach the peak, and several obstacles will gradually arise, but don’t let this stop you from participating.

ClinkIT Solutions welcomes aspirants with true grit and confidence so check this page out to learn more about what it will take to become a sidekick.

Like Nick Fury, one of the pioneers of the legendary Avengers once said, “There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if we could become something more.”

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