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What is a Risk and Cybersecurity Plan?

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ClinkIT Security offers Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services to help businesses roll out a customized Risk and Cybersecurity Plan. This covers the implementation of critical security policies, procedures, and protocols to mitigate risks from cyber attacks and threats. ​

Why Invest in Risk and Cybersecurity Programs?

Businesses are a target of cyber attacks. For instance, 64% of SMEs have encountered cyber attacks costing them an average of over $53,000. Your business remains vulnerable without a Risk and Cybersecurity Plan.

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Avoid compliance risks​

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Reduce costs on unnecessary tools

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Mitigate the impact data breaches

How to Invest?

ClinkIT Security can help you start your investment in a Risk and Cybersecurity Plan, from assessing your business’ needs to customizing your plan and implementing it across your organization.

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Train employees about security principles

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Design a custom cybersecurity plan​ for your business

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Implement the cybersecurity plan in your organization

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