A reimagined cloud platform with unmatched governance controls, high performance and consistency.


Everything is moving to the cloud, whether it’s infrastructure, products, services, operating systems, applications, or software. With cloud computing, organizations and enterprises can take advantage of more efficient infrastructure management, lower operating costs, and stronger overall security by using and consuming computing resources over the Internet or ‘cloud’.

Why Oracle?

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), you can access a full portfolio of cloud services from anywhere. The distributed cloud portfolio of OCI—available across regions worldwide—solves your toughest business challenges with a wide range of cloud options, including on-premises, dedicated Cloud@Customer, hybrid, multicloud solutions, such as Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, or public cloud.

Discover new business opportunities with your data

The data you collect drives your business. The task of making data work is getting harder, whether you're building next-generation social apps or online games, or attempting to improve patient outcomes by using decades of healthcare records. Using Oracle MySQL Heatwave and Oracle Autonomous Database, you can consolidate data, remove data silos, converge data for efficiency, and analyze data to unlock business potential without sacrificing security and governance.

Enhance enterprise applications without rearchitecture costs

It is not feasible or necessary to abandon core technology when modernizing enterprise apps. Scale-up architecture, ultralow-latency networks, built-in security, and clustering of resources are built into OCI so on-premises applications and traditional enterprise apps can be made available in the cloud without risky and costly application refactoring. The specialized migration tools and programs offered by OCI facilitate smooth transitions.

Open source tools for building and running cloud native and third-party applications

The various frameworks, clouds, and services available to modern enterprises should be flexible and free to choose from. No matter what database, SQL Server, Windows Server, VMware, or Kubernetes you use, OCI services make it easy to run third-party, open source applications or to build cloud native applications. By leveraging OCI's broad open source partner ecosystem, you can bring apps to market faster, innovate easily, and scale more efficiently.

Harness the power of Oracle – a next-generation cloud designed to run any application faster.

Let’s toast to your success!