Operations Associate

Work with management team by assisting with decision making in all company departments while flexibly adjust roles within project management; operations; human resource management; sales; marketing; and administration to contribute the most value as necessary to learn general management principles for the information technology consulting business.  

Your responsibilities will include (but are not limited to):  

  • Learn as you work with involvement across the company: (a) project teams; (b) internal management and admin; (c) recruitment; (d) marketing  
  • Support Project Managers in implementation and overall management of the company’s projects  
  • Support HR and Recruitment in acquiring, and retaining high-level talent  
  • Adopt viewpoints, company policies, practices and operations which are significant in the navigation of an IT consulting business  
  • Collaborate across the company with setting and tracking objectives, tasks, and performance goals  
  • Acquiring knowledge needed for managing high-level technical resources  
  • Performing additional duties which are often assigned by other departments / teams apart from the above mentioned duties 
  • Proactively contribute to the general work culture at Skykomish, Inc.  
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by your supervisor 

Skill and Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in business or equivalent acceptable combination of education and experience 
  • Demonstrates leadership experience in university organizations, team projects, and/or extracurricular endeavors  
  • Demonstrates personal excellence in extracurricular endeavors which may include: entrepreneurial ventures; innovation competitions; hackathons; sports; music; literature; etc.  
  • Demonstrates ability to make analytical decisions under pressure and unknowns  
  • Highly organized person with excellent time management  
  • Good level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness  
  • Self-starter mindset and demonstrates ability to simultaneously manage multiple objectives and manage complex tasks with minimal direction  
  • Adaptable and flexible in mind-set and behavior  
  • Impeccable ability to speak and write in English  
  • 1 year work experience is a plus  
  • Involvement in startup/early stage ventures whether as an employee or founder is a plus  
  • Can work under pressure 

Please send your most updated CV to [email protected]. Providing a cover letter is highly encouraged.

Application Form - Operations Associate