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NetFoundry – A Business Continuity Plan

24 May 2020

As global concern grows over the COVID-19 crisis, enterprises and organizations must re-evaluate the practicality and investment sense of putting their eggs into one basket. The ability to respond appropriately when there are unforeseen or imminent business disruptions is a competitive advantage for any small or large company.

Business disruption readiness is referred to as Business Continuity Planning (BCP). It is the process of putting in place a comprehensive systems restoration and disaster recovery strategy to help an organization stay strong and resilient in the face of unpredictable interruptions.

One option is to turn to all-in-one applications, clouds, and connectivity platforms to facilitate a company’s journey towards digital transformation or bring into reality its intention to adopt a multi-cloud environment for business operations.

Unfortunately, even in today’s highly internet-dependent and digitally-driven era, there are still businesses that utilize traditional network and security approaches with zero compatibility to the most basic BCP strategy.

This is where NetFoundry comes in.

NetFoundry is a platform that enables enterprises and organizations to achieve greater business resiliency, security, and quality of experience within its organization so that they can thrive and grow with minimal obstacles amidst any business disruption.

As a leader in providing cloud orchestrated, secure-by-design, high-performance networking, NetFoundry guarantees many benefits for companies mapping out their BCP strategy for the first time.

  • A highly protected solution where multiple Azure environments can run multiple workloads without high latency
  • Strong, secure, and reliable communication between your company’s customers and your product/service offering
  • Faster, more agile, and zero trust connectivity that is better than any conventional VPN available

What are the advantages of NetFoundry over VPNs of creating a strategic BCP that can weather any business disruption? Let’s review:

BCP-crucial characteristics




Anyone can add and use apps and systems IN MINUTES through its software-only, cloud-orchestrated connectivity solution 
Tedious manual setup for each user


No upfront investment is needed – FREE TRIAL + highly scalable and cost-effective pricing plans
License fees and recurring charges vary between open-source and commercial versions


Increased performance for apps and systems thanks to its Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) model that optimizes internet capacity
Dependent on ISP (internet service provider) speed


All apps and systems protected without exposing anything to the public utilizing Cloud Security Alliance best practices
Complete anonymity is not guaranteed


Simple to install – non-network people can set it up using DevOps/IAC tools

Network engineers must handle manual setup

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