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Four Business Continuity Planning Tools to Help your Business Survive Disruption

16 May 2020

Companies with contingency plan in place are at a considerable advantage when confronting natural disasters, catastrophic events, or internal emergencies that may cause business interruption and economic loss 

Business continuity planning (BCP) is an ongoing process that requires considerable strategy, focus and investment in order to position the organization to be best prepared for unplanned business interruptions. Developing a business continuity plan is not a one-and-done event. 

In this digital age, BCP tools and technologies can be guiding essentials for companies in mitigating the negative impacts of disruptions as well as assessing the effectiveness of the organization’s data infrastructure, communication platforms, and collaborative work strategies.  

Here at ClinkIT Solutions, we have had the opportunity to harness the digital powers of multiple BCP tools and technologies as we continue to uphold the “Work from home is in our DNA” mindset. A review of these BCP tools and technologies may be a good place to start. 

Microsoft Teams for Improving Teamwork and Collaboration  

Microsoft Teams is the global software leader by providing secure advanced messaging, remote meetings that allow for up to 10,000 to attend at a time,   impressive file sharing abilities, wide-ranging productivity app integration options, seamless teamwork, collaboration, and communication plus much more for remote teams and telecommuting workers.  

Power BI for Data Visualization and Analysis 

Whether for simultaneous access to business data and documents, real-time tracking of workforce performance and business operational efficiency, or making educated projections based on the latest industry trends, Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool to make this happen. 

Microsoft Azure for Cloud Computing Made Easy 

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing infrastructure that can be used to build, deploy, and manage Virtual Machines, Operating Systems, networks, app services, and cloud services – enabling your organization to gather or extract valuable, actionable data that can lead to better informed decisionsefficient operations, and more productive workforce. 

NetFoundry for Zero Trust Workload Migration 

NetFoundry is an all-in-one application, cloud, and connectivity platform that is faster, more agile, and better than any conventional VPN available. It will help you achieve greater business resiliency, security, and quality of experience with minimal obstacles amidst any business disruption. 

If you need help mapping out your organization’s BCP strategy for the first time or finding the most appropriate BCP tools and technologies to protect your business when worst-case happens; ClinkIT Solutions is here to help. Speak with a BCP specialist today 

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