Create a Modern and Effective Learning Environment with LMS365

March 21, 2023

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Modern digital workplaces, regardless of size or industry, can benefit from LMS365’s cloud-based learning platform. With LMS365, HR, IT, and C-Suite executives deliver training, onboarding, and learning to remote employees across a variety of industries. 

It provides accessible, engaging, and automated learning within Microsoft 365 and Teams, making it perfect for hybrid workplaces. 

LMS365 combines the best of in-person learning with the endless opportunities of cloud-based technology to provide a learning environment anywhere, anytime for your users.

In addition to providing seamless functionality, LMS365 is also highly user-friendly for administrators and learners alike. As Microsoft 365 App Certified partners, our clients are assured that their data is handled securely within the Microsoft workspace and that their software is compliant.​

We help learners find tailored courses, support managers to identify appropriate training requirements, and ensure that learning takes place in a secure and engaging digital environment. This is achieved with our intuitive management platform. Building on our longstanding collaboration with Microsoft, we strive to continuously improve the learning experience for our employees.

Key Takeaways from this Event

It’s time to level up your learning and training made for the hybrid workplace! Get easy, interactive, and seamless learning experiences with LMS365. Learn more by joining this free webinar. In this webinar, representatives from LMS365 will discuss why you need a learning management system, and how you can take advantage of the many features of LMS365. Discover how to setup your learning platform with easy learning content creation, delivered to learners via online channels, and seamlessly keep track of learner progress.

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