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ClinkIT Solutions and NetFoundry Partner Up to Provide Multi-Cloud Connectivity

14 Dec 2019

ClinkIT Solutions, a Multi-Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and Software Services company, has established a partnership with application-specific networking specialist NetFoundry to provide multi-cloud connectivity to start-ups and global businesses around the world.

The collaboration provides swift, simple, secure, and cost-sensitive connectivity solutions to bridge any edge device, service mesh, platform, or application to the cloud – in minutes – whether private or public (Google, Azure, AWS) anywhere across the globe. Deployment of software endpoints to all existing and embedded networks and legacy systems leaves no room for worries about security breach, virus attack, or latency issues because NetFoundry utilizes on-demand, cloud-native, software-defined perimeter architecture.

Together, ClinkIT Solutions and NetFoundry will enable businesses to transmit digital information and business applications to multi-cloud environments without requiring custom hardware, physical networks, or expensive circuits – in a safe, rapid, and reliable manner.

Performance, value, and security – these are critical requirements for all businesses and ClinkIT Solutions wants all of its clients to be confident they have made the right decision in choosing the NetFoundry-optimized system of the company.

In what ways can organizations and enterprises benefit from ClinkIT Solutions and NetFoundry partnership?

  • Support application growth
  • Improve network agility
  • Scale digital transformation
  • Optimize access to private datacenters and cloud services
  • Streamline business processes and workflows

Reduce time-to-deployment for all applications

In this world of hyper-connectivity, ClinkIT Solutions customers can leverage the NetFoundry platform to fully embrace cloud solutions for maximum profitability from all business operations and innovation.

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