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ClinkIT Site/Store Development Services – Create Websites that Wow: How to Maximize Impact and Income

16 Mar 2022

Everyone demands swift results in today’s fast-paced environment. We want our meals prepared swiftly, we want to communicate with people promptly, and we frequently become enraged when a page takes longer than five seconds to load. The same may be true for those looking to increase the influence and revenue from their website. However, as Beverly Sills observed, “There are no shortcuts to any worthwhile destination.”

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can create websites that wow in order to maximize impact and income (almost) instantly. Implement these ten suggestions and then sit back and watch them generate more traffic and sales for you.

1. Keep your home page simple

This may come as a surprise to some of you, as many believe it is better to sell as many products as possible on your homepage in order to present your visitors with a variety of options. Entrepreneur, however, suggests that showing fewer products on your page and focusing on a single topic will actually increase total sales. This strategy works because it enables your business to concentrate on one or two distinct products and respond to any potential inquiries from visitors.

2. Your landing pages should demonstrate your value proposition clearly

A value proposition is a one- or two-sentence statement promoting the importance of your products or services. Three characteristics of a strong value proposition are as follows:

  • It should show how your solution solves a customer’s problem.
  • It should contain a detailed overview of the benefits that your product will give.
  • It should demonstrate why consumers should choose you over a competitor.

3. Create content that targets key market segments

While providing high-quality content is an effective method for increasing your website’s traffic and conversions, you need also devote some time to segmenting your audience. By creating content suited to specific market segments, you can attract a varied range of clients and establish your expertise in their industry. This is a win-win scenario!

4. Include videos on your key conversion pages

According to Mashable, adding videos to some of your most important landing pages can result in an average increase of 86 percent in conversions! Our brains digest visual information around 60,000 times faster than verbal information, which means that visitors to your site will absorb information more effectively through video than through text alone. Video is a far more effective tool than text for educating people about your product or service.

5. Establish credibility through partnerships, testimonials, and case studies

While many organizations understand the value of social proof, if your website does not currently have a mechanism for increasing client trust, you are missing out on its benefits. Testimonials, team photographs, and case studies about your products or services can all help persuade a visitor to choose you.

6. Incorporate upselling

How frequently do salespeople at stores seek to upsell you on a product? If they are following their boss’ instructions, your answer would be “always.” If individuals can upsell within a firm, why couldn’t they do the same online? According to Shopify, upselling is really 20 times more effective online than cross-selling.

7. Develop techniques for gathering email addresses

Email marketing remains a viable form of digital marketing, with one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing strategy. Email marketing, on the other hand, is impossible without email addresses, correct? By implementing ways for acquiring a visitor’s email address, you may use email marketing campaigns to invite them to return to your website.

8. Implement conversational marketing

Whether you’re considering live chat tools, chatbots, or a combination of the two, conversational marketing is an excellent (and critical) way to maximize the impact and income of a website.

To be sure, nothing beats one-on-one human engagement for providing value, but it is rarely scalable. While a five-minute email response to a lead is excellent, it feels like an eternity when considered from a chat perspective. AI and chatbots may capitalize on this potential and close the scalability gap by initiating conversations, answering common questions, qualifying leads, and even scheduling appointments in a natural manner that your prospect will like.

9. Aim for a mobile-friendly design

It is critical to optimize for mobile traffic and to have a mobile-friendly design. Keep in mind the influence that screen size has on mobile devices. This can make navigating and form completion rather cumbersome, and may result in graphics being excessively small, thereby degrading the user experience. Responsive websites demand graphics and forms that load quickly but yet look well.

10. Perform A/B testing

With all of the strategies above for increasing sales across your website, the most crucial step is to A/B test each change. Each business, like its customers, is unique, and certain techniques will work for some businesses but not for others. A/B testing guarantees that you learn which elements of your website perform the best.

Create Websites that Wow

The cornerstone of business success in the digital age is a well-functioning website for your brand. With 6x Gold Microsoft Partner ClinkIT Solutions’ Development Services, you can maximize the impact and income of your website. Request for a FREE CONSULTATION today.

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