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ClinkIT PowerUp – Jump Start Your Start Up

08 May 2020

You’ve got an amazing business idea that you’re sure will carve out a new market in the business world. All you need is the right platform to let the world know you exist and turn your business vision into reality. 

That’s where ClinkIT PowerUp can helpThis is a 3-month jumpstart program for early-stage companies, new entrepreneur partnerships, and young visionaries. We will select one applicant as the ClinkIT PowerUp recipient. The winner will be given unlimited access to the ClinkIT Solutions dev team, tools, technology, and technical expertise throughout the life of their project or until they have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – turning their vision into reality. 

Enter the 2020 ClinkIT PowerUp Competition for your chance to: 


  1. Bring your idea to life
    Joining the PowerUp startup competition will allow you to zero in on your idea from day one. The simple act of filling out the application form, addressing the business questions, and explaining your main objectives could be an invaluable exercise for your new venture.

    When you apply for the ClinkIT PowerUp competition, there’s a standard Q&A aspect where the selection committee will ask you a few clarifying questions – this is a great opportunity for you to share your passion and vision for the future of your new product or service.

    Of course, it pays to know your material well and have a concrete plan ready. Regardless of how you fare in the startup competition, it will allow you to focus and better articulate your idea – an important first step in turning any business idea into reality.

  2. Expand your network and connections
    Startup competitions attract the most ambitious, most visionary and most talented entrepreneurs like you. Such competitions are a melting pot of fresh ideas, success stories, and seasoned experience. The visibility, connections, and networking opportunities offered here are hard to find elsewhere – grab them while you can!

    You will get to hear from folks who’ve built their businesses from scratch – and benefit from their knowledge and skills acquired along the way, mistakes they’ve made, lessons learned, and unique situations that served as turning points when the going got tough.

    You will also get to interact with angel investors, venture capitalists, and industry experts so this is the chance to impress them with your idea or pitch your product/service offer! Only one PowerUp winner will be selected however, even if you are not selected, your pitch may catch the eye of a VC or industry expert and open the door to your future.

  3. Gain exposure
    Let’s admit it: getting attention from key stakeholders in your industry or gaining traction from your target market is a struggle. Startup competitions will have local and sometimes national news outlets interested in covering the event, especially if there’s an interesting angle behind its inception or process. This type of media coverage is an unmatched publicity opportunity for your idea to potentially catch the right someone’s eye.
  4. Earn validation, feedback, and practical insights
    The rewards of being selected the winner of the ClinkIT PowerUp competition will be the key to moving your business plan from idea to reality. But it’s not all about winning or losing.

    Even if your business idea is not selected (sadly we can only choose one PowerUp winner) you gain valuable real-world experience pitching your plan to industry experts and decision makers. The experience, constructive criticism and expert advice received are simply unmatched in most any other venue. You will hear first-hand experiences about business development, market approaches, and everything that defines successful entrepreneurship.

    Standing in front of our selection panel of industry experts and business leaders and potential investors of your product/service offering may expose a hole in your business model that needs to be addressed or give you commendation and support about your innovation. No matter what, however, you will walk away the better for the experience and on track to move your business plan from idea to reality.

  5. Open doors to future partnerships
    You never know who you’ll meet during the ClinkIT PowerUp competition and how the relationships started here may blossom further down the road. Only one participant will be selected as the PowerUp winner and take home the top prize. However, the doors opened up for those who competed will put them on a better path, with a deeper network than before the competition began.

    The best thing you can do is maximize your opportunity when you interact with everyone involved – from event organizers, sponsors, and industry specialists to fellow startup entrepreneurs, journalists, and successful founders.  Establishing and building relationships with as many of these people as you can will prove valuable for your business in the long run 

Up for the challenge? 

Complete the application at ClinkIT PowerUp to join the 2020 ClinkIT PowerUp Program. If you’re selected, we will help your startup concept ACCELERATE AND GO BEYOND LIMITS! 

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