ClinkIT Solutions is looking for the heroes among us. If you are a fresh graduate with IT and Computer Science skills, then that hero can be you. Begin your training as a sidekick!
The change to working from home comes with both challenges and opportunities for your business. Don't worry. We got your back! ClinkIT Solutions can share its expertise and offer you the right tools so you reap the benefits of remote work for your business.
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NetFoundry’s platform makes it simple to deploy on-demand, application-specific networks which have the security and reliability of a private enterprise WAN but can now expand anywhere. Start future-proofing your business with ClinkIT Solutions' 30-minute free consultation from one of their senior network engineers.
This was uploaded way back September when we celebrated reaching 100 heroes strong! Cheers to everyone! Don't forget to visit for an opportunity to join our team!
Why Sidekicks is the best career opportunity for young minds Learn why you need to be part of our Sidekicks 2.0 program in this awesome video.