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Are you a fresh graduate with a degree in IT or Computer Science? Now, you are thinking about what to do next. Of course, getting hired is the logical next step, but landing a job is another challenge.
A carefully planned and well executed SEO strategy is critical for business success. Whether driven via organic traffic or paid ads, these are the steps to get more eyes on your blog posts, improve search engine rankings, generate targeted leads, or increase revenues.
A cybersecurity plan for your small business is the first line of defense from cybercrimes. With innovation, agility, and technological expertise being non-negotiable criteria for industry growth and success in the digital age, it is crucial for organizations to have a robust cybersecurity strategy that delivers round the clock protection against online vulnerabilities and threats.
Website navigation, also called internal link architecture, is what facilitates movement from one web page to another. When web navigation works well, the result is a good user experience for anyone who visits the site.
How do you find talent? The conventional way is to advertise the job, screen applicants, interview and give them an exam. But it takes more than a couple of meetings and hours of evaluation to discover superheroes with extraordinary skills, sharp minds, and the right attitude.
This is a walk-through article by one of ClinkIT Solutions’ software developers providing an introduction and step-by-step guide in using CSS Grid for a basic webpage layout.
This is a walk-through article by one of ClinkIT Solutions’ software developers on solving a hacker rank problem.
In our world today, technology has enabled humans to reach new levels and new heights. From simple calculating machines, to burn-to-metal servers, all the way to complex cloud hosted systems, indeed, humans have come a long way in the field of Information Technology.
HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. Web browsers, on which the web applications/websites are viewed, only interpret HTML when loading and displaying documents.
Wireframes, mockups, and prototypes are often synonymously used in relation to UX and UI design, but people often confuse these terms. They don’t know when each one applies in the design process and how they contribute to a better design in both the development and user experience.