Software development is an ever-changing field where technologies come and go. While some fade into the past, others continue to thrive and shape the industry.
An article in Forbes said: "One-size-fits-all software solutions to a complex set of business challenges simply do not exist...".
In the 21st century, technology can be harnessed in various ways — especially in the business sector. Software, applications, and other technologies are being developed to improve how people do the traditional forms of business. One of these technologies that is receiving attention is FinTech or Financial Technology.
Most people know that websites are an important portal for their brands. A company’s website creates brand awareness and establishes the image that the company wants to portray. Furthermore, a website can provide the information consumers need to buy a company’s product or service.  
We have entered the era of “Immersive Convergence,” – an innovative model that integrates the digital economy with the real world.
Power Apps allow both professional developers and regular people to rapidly create mobile and browser-based apps.
Because of its high level of configurability, SharePoint is unique to virtually every organization that uses it. 
Media and entertainment industries are increasingly relying on cloud computing. Why is that so? Think about how often you play YouTube videos, movies, or albums on Spotify. Entertainment is becoming more accessible anywhere, at any time.
More than half of CMOs and marketing leaders are unable to quantify the business impact of their marketing efforts. Think about that for a moment. Only 35% of companies are able to quantify the sales and revenue they generate from marketing. 
Digital transformation involves integrating digital technology into all facets of a business, changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. Furthermore, it is a cultural shift that requires organizations to experiment, learn, and get comfortable with failure.