About Us

ClinkIT Solutions is a Software Services Company and Microsoft Solutions Integrator, that is in the business of delivering top-of-the-line I.T. solutions to businesses across the globe. Collectively, its team has decades of experience in the IT industry from implementing a wide range of software solutions to providing training services for applications like Power BI, PowerApps and SharePoint.

Populated with its proprietary ClinkIT Courses, ClinkIT Academy is the go-to source for supplementary training materials for its students looking to hone their craft in areas like business analytics or app development outside the classroom setting. Students have access to course-specific resources such as sample datasets and practice exercises so they can learn thoroughly.

ClinkIT Academy also allows its students to connect with instructors online who are committed to creating an engaging and educational experience. They are field experts and industry professionals dedicated to sharing their expertise and knowledge with curious minds.

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Our Amazing Trainers

We have gathered the best technology experts in the country who are passionate to deliver technical, functional and practical trainings across industries.

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