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6 Reasons Established Business Should Invest in Startup Companies

21 Apr 2020

Investing in startup companies can be a rewarding experience. Here are 6 reasons why your company should collaborate with aspiring entrepreneurs and new business innovators.  

  1. Accelerated Innovation 
    Innovation planning and execution within an existing organization can sometimes take a backseat because it can distract employees from attending to core business priorities, not to mention the costs and skills adjustments it can entail.

    Investing in a startup company can enable an already established company to better leverage its own assets, technology, and business resources to access new ways of thinking, approaches, and strategies that they might need to implement within their workforce in the near future.  

  2. Accelerated Go-To-Market
    Working with a new startup business allows well-known corporations to be introduced to a niche market they haven’t been able to reach through their own products or services offering. As for small and emerging firms which cannot compete with the marketing and sales power of bigger companies, this is a way to create awareness about their brand and boost audience engagement.
  3. Insights into New Business Practices
    Laying out a business partnership program between your company and startup is an ideal solution if you want to become familiar and be immersed in new business practices, philosophies, and methodologies which can be internalized later with the rest of your organization. 
  4. Trend Spotting and Future Insights
    Startups have the advantage of being nimble, focused, and always on the lookout for new trends and opportunities which can benefit your company for maximizing future insights for customer demands and preferences.
  5. More Tailored Customer Solutions
    Startups are brimming with energy and desire to prove themselves which allow them to be more attuned to consumer feedback and to quickly offer bespoke solutions. As customers tend to gravitate closer to new businesses either to satisfy their curiosity or to test the efficacy of the product/service offering, this can bridge the communication gap between your company and your target customers and hone your products and/or services accordingly.  
  6. The Perks of Diversification
    This provides big investors smart but low-risk options to diversify and grow their stocks – something that is difficult to expect to happen when investing in highly correlated brands and organizations within the same industry. Partnering up with startups can open doors of opportunities to target wider demographics and receive greater returns without fear of instabilities and fluctuations in the market.  

Working with ClinkIT PowerUp  

ClinkIT PowerUp, unlike typical startup accelerators, provides a dynamic business partnership program for deserving startups. Through its rigorous application process and critical judging phase, ClinkIT PowerUp can confidently identify new entrepreneurs with viable and feasible ideas that global communities and societies can benefit from.  

If you need the right support, mentorship, and connection to launch your amazing startup idea, ClinkIT PowerUp can help you ACCELERATE AND GO BEYOND LIMITS. 

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